Friday, May 11, 2012

Hi Baby! You are one month old today!. I can't believe how fast these past four weeks have passed and where have they gone?? I guess when we cuddle and play time seems to go in fast motion and there I can't seem to push the pause button! It seems like yesterday that I had you in my belly and you were having a party in there... It seems like yesterday when me and daddy drove to the hospital to welcome you to this amazing world full of color and fun stuff! I can't believe the trooped you have been, all that you have gone through! From getting stuck to come out on your birthday, to all the pokes you had to go through to make sure you were healthy, to the times you had to come home with two inexperienced parents! You are amazing and I love you so much!. Before you, I had no idea nor did I believe that love at first sight existed, but once I met you outside of my belly, I fell more in love with you than I was when you were in my belly :P - It is true and this is not a biased opinion but you are in fact the cutest, most handsome and most beautiful little man in the world and I am honored to be your mom. With that being said, no girl out there is enough for you, only me... only me... jk
So many things have changed since you were born... For starters, I was always prioritizing my job rather than my own life, and I would come home late and daddy would be waiting, now I don't even want to go anywhere if you aren't there, so how am I going to go back to work? Ugh how hard is this going to be... I guess I have to grow up and let you go for 8 hours a day huh? I don't know how I am going to do it, please show me how. Also, I never knew how much more I could love daddy, but once you came out of my belly, I realized that my heart wasn't all the way full with love, because I love him so much more now that we made you, such a beautiful thing. I am honored to be your mom and here is a checklist of things I want to accomplish for you!
I promise to:
have cuddle time with you everyday
Always respond to anything you need
Show you all your toys and teach you that they all feel different to the touch
Teach you that being silly is funny most of the time and we will get a kick out of it
Make sure you know how much daddy loves you 
Have tummy time
Guard your dreams (and nap time)
Protect you from everything (I'll do my best)
Kiss you and tell you I love you as much as possible
Never take you for granted
Always thank God for having you
Always believe you when you say you don't feel so well
Stay up with you at night until you fall asleep
To write you letters
To always celebrate your birthday bigger than the year before
To keep adding to this list and never give up on being the best mom I can be

A couple of milestones he has achieved so far... Go OVER-achiever!
Hold his head up when on tummy time or burpy time or anytime really! this has been pretty much since birth!! Now he is a lot stronger of course! - It freaks Jon out!
kicks with both feet when laid on his back
Knows who mommy is and who daddy is... 
Follows images with both eyes... pretty much just us - I guess we are pretty darn interesting huh?
poop six to eight time a day (generally the same color and consistency as last week)
Move arms and legs equally
Cooing (not just crying)
Holding head steady when upright.
Root for the bottle when he knows is near him or when root when he is hungry (the right direction)
Thanks for reading!

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